Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Admire Her

There are so many women in this world that I admire. I could probably write everyday about one and after a year I would still have women to talk about. I wanted to share about Hannah. I am pretty sure you know her story, but I want to talk about a different aspect of her life.

I remember the first time my mother-in-law told me she was writing historical biblical fiction. I just wasn't sure about it. I love the stories from the Bible, but there are so many people who try to write fictional stories and they end up getting it all wrong. So I had to let her know I wasn't so sure if I would like her books. Her first book came out and I enjoyed it. But her second book came out and I was so surprised that I LOVED it. I connected with the main character so much. I felt like she understood my struggles. Her name was Hannah.

Most of you probably know the story of Hannah so you are probably wondering how I connected with her so much. She was barren and I am not. Her husband had another wife and mine does not. But she struggled with life. She had her share of disappointments and she dealt with them in different ways.

She struggled, but didn't hide it. When they would go up to the house of the Lord the other wife would provoke Hannah and because she had many children and Hannah had none she would use it to taunt her. Hannah would weep and not eat. As I read how my mother-in-law wrote it in her book I thought...She's just like me!

"No one criticized me directly. Maybe that would have been better, better than the false sorrow, the syrupy pity, the irritating encouragement to keep having hope." Hannah's Promise, Arlene Ussery

I thought to myself, "How many times have I felt like that?" How many times have you felt like that? It seems as if no one really understands. They want to give you encouragement, but they don't always know how. They want to show that they are caring, but do you ever wonder if anyone really does? I guess I found so much encouragement in Hannah. As I read her story and seemed to be seeing more into who she was as a person and less who she was written as, I became to admire her strength and courage.

I read the section of where she was so depressed and so downhearted that she couldn't make herself eat. I too comfort in seeing her struggle with the very thing that had taken place in my life. Perhaps our situations were different. Mine had nothing to do with not being able to have a child. But we were both at some point in the same place. There are so many people who deal with eating disorders, but we always have to remember that it's not just about that. There is something that triggers the beginning of the problem. But we always want the end result to be the same.

I love what Hannah does. She cries out to God. But she doesn't just cry, she weeps. She mourns. So much so that Eli, the priest, believes that she is drunk. Hannah knew the only one who could help her was God. What does crying out to God look like to you? Do you write it on paper? Do you do it with words? Do you express it in a song? How does your daughter cry out to God? Keep in mind that it's not always the same for her as it is for you.



  1. Wow! I always love reading your post because the encouragement is so unreal. When I pray to god I really talk to him as if I was talking to anyone but more intense. I have gotten into a habit of talking to him more than when I'm in need. I’ll tell you I use to talk to him only when I thought I needed him most and it was never intentionally but however I felt so bad. The one thing that comforts me was I knew that he's a forgiving God and boy do I need it often. I want to thank you for writing such a lovely post.

  2. I just love reading your blog. You provide a great point of view and remind my as a parent about how each of my children may express their feelings differently. My faith is number one in my life and it is so refreshing to read what another Christian mother writes. Keep doing what you do! -Kristy