Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday - Share Last Years Post

So today I am suppose to share with you a post I wrote last year on September 28th. The only problem I have is that my blog did not exist on September 28th of last year. So how about a little intro to me and my life? I thought you all might enjoy it! :)

My name is Sadie and The Husband and I have 5 wonderful daughters. The Inquisitor is almost 8 and always has a question on her mind. Life is full of questions that need to be answered and she wants to know them all. The Emotionalist is 6 and loves life. She lives life on a roller coaster. Life goes from up to down for her in a matter of seconds. She feels most comfortable outdoors. The Destroyer is 4 and has been waiting for her 5th birthday since she was 2! She is aggressive and goes at life with everything she has! She love martial arts class and is constantly wanting to show everyone her moves. The Diva is 3 and is just that...A Diva. She knows what she wants and she wants it when she wants it. She's loud and I often thought she had a hearing problem...but she just wants to be heard above everything else! The Baby is our littlest and is 1. She's a ball of energy and is always trying to keep up with her older sisters. She loves her shoes and always wants to wear them...that makes me wonder if she's really mine! ;) I hate shoes!

Our life is full and we are blessed beyond words. These girls are what have inspired me to do what I do. I can't imagine any one of them dealing with an eating disorder. I want to spare them the hurt and pain. Prevention is what my goal is. I can say I struggled with food since the time I was little. Painful fights with food cloud my memory of happier times. Teen years and the preteen awkward years were hard for me. People were harsh and it only drove me deeper into painful times.

But I know there is hope. I have a great family. A husband and girls who love me. Parents who support me and the most amazing in-laws I could ever have. I have friends who have been there along the way. Helped in different ways and different stages of my life. I have a God who put all these people in my life and He has helped me have a great faith. I know I will have good days and bad. I know I will still have days I struggle. But I hold onto the truth. I hold onto who I am in Christ. Made perfect in his image.

And so I fight to prevent this in other girls. Fight to save them from a world of darkness and uncertainty

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday - Do You Want to Make That?

Today for the blog challenge today we are suppose to do a favorite recipe or how to type post. I am not one for this kind of a blog. I am sure that this will be my one and only post like this. This is a great activity that you can do with your daughter. A kind of bring us together type thing.

My mom and I are decorating a table for our women's luncheon and I totally forgot that I was going to make these for the place mats. But what a great day to remember! :) I cannot remember where I found these, but another blog was my inspiration! If anyone knows let me know so I can give them credit!

First you need to gather your supplies!
-Paper place mats
-Sharpies (My favorite thing in the world!)

Place the doily on top and start to color in all the spaces. You can pretty much do as much or as little was you would like. Be creative and make it your own. 

This is how mine turned out. This is just by doing a little bit. I tend to like it with a little more done, but I didn't get a picture of that one!

This is my oldest daughters creation. This little project was part of our art time for school. I think it also should have been used for speech! It was a wonderful time filled with questions about how I was doing mine. Telling me all about her plans on what hers was going to look like. It was wonderful!
Hope you guys have a wonderful time creating!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday: Fall Brings Healing

Summer brings thunderstorms. It brings memories of painful years. It brings restless nights and sleepless dreams. Those are the days that I sit and watch the destruction of lightning from my window. I watch as green skies bring the thought of funnel clouds and damaging winds. Stress is what the summer brings.

Fall is a nice relief. It brings the reminder of healing days. The crunch of the leaves underneath my feet remind me of bad memories that now live under my feet. Dead and gone are only a reminder of what made me stronger. The sound of them are distant and aren't what define me anymore.

Fall brings just the hint of the sun. Just a little something to warm the soul and soothe the tender hearted. The winds cool off the sun battered skin and smooths the bleached hair. It's a time of restoration and repose.

It brings cool mornings with warm coffee and apple cider (for my husband) in my cozy mugs. Apple crisp that I know have to make in double batches just to feed us all. My warm sweaters for the chilly mornings. Gentle kisses from my mans unsaved face. Early morning cuddles from slightly chilled girls with cold feet.

Fall brings happiness.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday: Fall in Pictures

Every Fall my mom and I have the same argument. What season is better...Spring or Fall? My favorite is fall. I love the feel of the air and the color of the tress. My mom loves Spring. She loves the new life and warmth is brings after the cold months.

I can't help but squeal with happiness when I see the tress start to change colors. It's so beautiful! I start working around the outside of the house. Raking up dead leaves. Pulling the plants out of the garden. They are all dead and to me they remind me of something beautiful. I am most beautiful when I die to myself. When I give up all control and give it over to God. 

I have a soft spot in my heart for the beat up and broken. I have a place in my mind where I constantly think about the fact that Fall will bring death. The reminder that death is what has given me life is a wonderful thing.  Death is a confusing time. When I hear that people have passed on I am never sure what response to have. To live is Christ. To die is gain. Sadness for us, pure joy for them.

So yes the death of the plants brings a bit of sadness to some. We know what follows it. I don't dare say! But just around the corner new life is coming. Sadness for the time being. Pure joy in the near future.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday: With Fall Comes...

With fall comes school. With school comes stress. With stress comes lots of learning. My days are filled with school books and coffee.  I have 1 girl who goes to public school. 2 girls who attend preschool. 1 baby girl who hangs out with me all day, and 1 girl who I homeschool. WOW! Am I really homeschooling? Not something I thought I would ever do, but here I am. Even though it’s just one of my girls I still find it challenging. I enjoy learning right along with her about history, art and math.(Those seem to be her favorite.)

It got me thinking about my school years. Not always filled with joy and excitement, but there were days that I still reminisce about. I had friends who could always make me smile. One friend always called me Bob and I called her Larry. (If you have ever watched Veggie Tales you will understand that one.) Another friend that called me Sadie (That’s right it’s a nickname…not my real name!) and I called her Leeloo (I am pretty sure this was after I watched The Fifth Element). We kept notes in a notebook that we would pass back and forth in between classes. She wrote stories about us and how we would be when we were grown up and living on our own. I apparently became a health nut and only ate organic.

I think about the teachers who made impacts on my life. Most of them it was a quiet impact. It might have been a small encouraging word. Perhaps it was allowing me to sit in their room before or after school. Giving me just those few moments to myself…having time to work through my thoughts with quiet. One who taught me how to use art to express my feelings and thoughts.

School brought friends and teachers who poured into my life.  I pray that our school experiences weather it be in the public school or at home brings the same kind of moments into my daughters lives. I encourage my girls to find friends who encourage them. We look for teachers who will help challenge them (Even if it is their mom). How do you find ways to make the school year great for your daughters?

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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Who doesn't like to win something? I know I love it! My husband laughs at me because I enter so many blog giveaways and hardly ever win, but when I do you would think that I had just won a million dollars!

So I have a wonderful week coming for my blog. A whole week of blog post set up for all of you. The theme is "Fall". It will be filled with great stories about people who encouraged me and inspired me and will also give you a look into why fall is my favorite season. I don't think you will be able to figure out why until you read my post! Now everyday you have one chance to win. You can comment on each blog post. Each comment will give you one entry. You can comment more than once on a blog post, but only one per post will count!

O.K. you are probably wondering now what on earth you would win if your name is drawn. So here is a look at it all!

You will get:
Starved (Mercy for Eating Disorders) by Nancy Alcorn

Beyond Starved (Read Stories of Real Freedom) w/bonus study guide by Nancy Alcorn

"Mom, I feel fat!" Becoming your daughters ally in developing a healthy body image. 
by Sharon A. Hersh

And a handmade eating disorder prevention bracelet made by ME!

(The items in the picture are actually mine and beat up a bit...don't worry you will get brand new ones!)

These are all great resources and I have found them very helpful. Nancy Alcorn is the founder of Mercy Ministries which has a great residential program to helps young women with eating disorders. If you have time check out their site at

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Friday, September 21, 2012


Today it was my fall out on our front sidewalk that inspired this post. It was so filled with just a little touch of Sadie Grace. A shoe lace loop that was a bit too large and just the right amount of flailing limbs and I look like I had a fight with the sidewalk. Technically I did. It won. I can't explain how I scraped up almost every part of my body, but I did. My knees, hands, left shoulder, chin and nose. nose! It was what really broke the fall.

I was upset for awhile, but then I was able to laugh it off as just me being me. I am not the most graceful person you will meet. I am able to learn a dance and pull it off, but gracefulness just doesn't seem to be who I am. It's awkwardness that really describes me. I use to try and hide it. I didn't want people to see it. Largely in part because a few people made fun of me for it.

Now my true awkwardness is out there for all to see. So what's different? I have truely accepted all of who I was made to be! Remember that one post about how God doesn't make junk? It took me some time, but somewhere in my mid-twenties I really grabbed a hold of who God made me. Why did it take me so long? I am not entirely sure, but boy do I wish I would have figured this out sooner!

I know I do a lot to try and help people find that one thing they love most about themselves. In away I hope that in helping them do that they will eventually get to a place where they can embrace and love what it is they hate about themselves. Falling into God's grace and letting it take over.

Is there something you wish you could embrace and love about yourself?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Give Them a Reminder

There is a ring that I wore for a number of years. It hung around my neck on a simple chain. I called it my "Raja" ring. Raja is a word that can be translated to hope. Hope is what I always grasped onto. I loved that ring and I would often play with it moving it back and forth on the chain. Whenever I would feel anxious or stressed out I would find my hand going directly to my ring. I miss it, but it's with someone who needed it more than I did.

I was in Thailand my first trip overseas. It was a land I never thought I would ever visit. Actually when I was told that I would be going...I didn't even know where it was on the map. During our time there we were able to visit an orphanage. The whole time this little girl followed me around. We didn't speak the same language and so silence was the only thing we heard from each other. But yet I understood her. I saw in her eyes a hopelessness. It's something I've seen before. It's something I've felt before. I was sitting at the table with her and she reached over and grabbed my hand. As I looked over at her my other hand went up to my ring and I sat there looking into her eyes. This strong urge came over me to give her the ring. But I didn't want to. It was mine. It was my reminder that there is hope. But every moment that passed with her I knew I needed to give it to her. I knew that it was to belong with her now. I no longer needed it, but she did. It was time to leave, but I needed her to understand the importance of this ring. So I found the translator. Tears streaming down both of our eyes as I spoke through a translator. Giving her a message of hope. Letting her know that there was a hope for tomorrow.

I often think about that ring when I look at my own daughters. When they are old enough to take care of jewelry I will give them their own reminder of hope. It's like my wedding ring that I just glanced down at. It's a reminder to me about the commitment and love from my husband. So I wonder why we don't give these kind of reminders for other things...Do you give reminders?


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Living Life Fully

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

I have not quoted much scripture when writing these blog posts. I do however use some strong Biblical truths when I write. What I have learned from scripture and what I have learned from my walk in faith is with me every single time I write. Today I felt the need to quote this verse for a few different reasons.

I received an email from an anonymous person, who I am sure will be reading this post. Who I am sure thought after reading their email I would have crumbled and come to their way. I was told that I was not living live to the fullest, because I was still struggling and I hadn't given all my struggles to God. So whoever you are please read slowly...

I take John 10 very seriously. I believe that Satan is only here for one reason. To take my joy and run away with it. He wants to see me defeated and unhappy. He wants for me to never live life abundantly. I am reminded of a conversation I had with two Mormon missionaries. When I worked at a portrait studio they were known for coming in and talking to all of us. I was reading a book at the time and they wanted to know what it was about. was about living life fully. That Jesus came to give us life abundantly and fully, but not just when we get to on Earth as well. They told me that abundant life was meant for Heaven. I respectfully disagree with them...I live life abundantly here on Earth.

I struggle, but who doesn't? I could choose to let those struggles overcome me. I could choose to let the past become a heavy weight that I cannot even stand. I don't. Every morning I wake up and my first reaction is to place my struggles over to God. I believe that yes God does want us to live in complete freedom, but we can not do that on our own, we have to do it with Him. I could choose to walk my day alone, without help, but why would I? Yes my freedom from my struggles look different than someone else's, but how boring would life be if we all walked the same way in our faith? My freedom from my struggles maybe takes a bit more than is does for someone else, but I choose to not live life with a naive attitude thinking that I am above being human and will no longer struggle or have temptations. I am human and I need God to help me through this life.

My suggestion is that you read this blog for what it is about. Preventing eating disorders. Saving others from having to live with more struggles than they should have to. Wanting to see a generations never touched by these horrible diseases!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Prevention...My Girls' Best Hope!

These girls shine. Confident. Bold. Loving. They are not afraid to ask questions. They don't bother with peoples silly ideas of what they should be doing. They are truly their own little selves. They all have their own personality. Truly unique. But...they all have one thing in common.

They all have a higher chance of developing an eating disorder, because their mom struggles. There best hope...preventing it from every happening. Join us in the fight! 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She Loves What God Made Her...

After this weekend the first thing I did was dig into the box that was apart of my collection. The sign told people they should share the one thing they love most about themselves and place it in the box. I had a range of answers. Everything from "I love my calves" to "I love my nose". I appreciated that one because I grew up with a large nose and it took me years to really feel like it actually belonged on my face. So glad she loves her nose!

It's a young girl named Elizabeth. The only one to share her name and the only one to write to me more about why she loves what she loves. I wish I could have talked to her and listened to her story more. Her paper says "I love that God made me black. Even though it's been hard God only makes works of art. Jeremiah 29:11" Elizabeth...I don't know if you will read this, but you are right! You are a work or art and that's what God makes! I loved her attitude. I loved that she admitted it's been hard. And I love her verse! I sat and looked at her paper for a long time. I kept thinking I know just what she means. But it seemed to strange to say that. I mean...I'm not black so why is it that it resonated so strongly with me.

I love my nose! Even though it's been hard, God only makes works of art. I love my thighs! Even though it's been hard, God only makes works of art. I love my eyes! Even though it's been hard, God only makes works of art.

Something I haven't shared much with all of you is the teasing I went through in school. Started in 2nd grade when everyone decided that they were cool and a small group of my friends were not. Teasing got worse as we got older and a lot of my friends could probably say the same thing...Middle school was horrible! Nasty names were said. Different features on my body were picked fun of. I began to hate how God had made me. It was probably years of this mixed with some other things that made me spiral down into the dark depths of eating problems.'s people like her. My mom. A special teacher. Wonderful friends...who's words stuck with me even while I struggled.

Elizabeth...hold onto that attitude. Hold onto that strong since of God made you a work of art. I love that she loves what God made her! Will you share your story?


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why This?

This weekend was full of amazing meetings with strange people. It was full of loud music that brought me back to the days when I was a teenager. It was full of seeing friends I only get to see maybe once a year because we all live too far away, but we can always be found at the same music festival. But what made my weekend was the meetings with strange people.

I was asked why I do this. Why do I write a blog? Why do I take these pictures? So I was able to share about the amazing hope of preventing eating disorders. It was the conversation with two dads who admitted that their teen daughters and their wives were having problems communicating. It was the moms I talked to who gave me the look of "What does she know?" until I told them I have 5 daughters of my own. It was the group of teen girls who sat and talked with me for about an hour and listened to my story. It was the group of college age kids who were camping next to us. All these people helping in getting the same message out...Let's stop this before it happens!

Moms out there. I know when you look at me at first I look like some crazy young person who is just trying to tell you how you are doing it wrong. Yes, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being a mom. My girls are still very young and I heard "Just wait till they start to know it all." so often this weekend. But I see my girls. I try to think of what they will be like when they are teens and I see the world around us...and my heart breaks for them. I feel like young girls now have less of a chance than I did. They are bombarded with images of too thin models and everywhere they turn they get the message "YOU are not good enough." I had a great relationship with my mom and then I turned on her. So I started to could I have done things differently? How could we have done things differently? What are the best ways to prevent these horrible diseases? So this is why I do it....I want to save girls. I want there to be a constant improvement in the numbers. Starting at the basic relationship between mother and daughter seems to be a great place to start. What is it that can make your relationship stronger?