Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Comfort of a Grey Sky

The weather is gloomy. The sky is grey. However it's moments like these when comfort is near. On days when most people would feel a bit depressed. I take refuge snuggled with my girls for a rest.

Blankets in the morning. Hot cocoa at night. Memories of sunnier days lie nestled in my mind. The warmth of the sun is not what I seek. It's the comfort of my Lord that I keep near to me.

Come on you grey skies give it your best. Try to bring me down while I sit her to rest. I've prayed for you and I've prayed for rain. Because in the storm is when I feel His affection.

Holding me close. Just at the right time. Knowing my need for Him I close my eyes. I let Him take me and mold me again. Into something more beautiful than I formally was.

Bursting with passion. Spilling with love. The grey skies have brought me what I knew there was. Comfort and love. Compassion and hope. What more could I ask for what more could be spoke?

*I have a painting I was working on, but computer problems have me stuck with no way of posting a picture today. So you just get me*


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