Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Comfort of a Grey Sky

The weather is gloomy. The sky is grey. However it's moments like these when comfort is near. On days when most people would feel a bit depressed. I take refuge snuggled with my girls for a rest.

Blankets in the morning. Hot cocoa at night. Memories of sunnier days lie nestled in my mind. The warmth of the sun is not what I seek. It's the comfort of my Lord that I keep near to me.

Come on you grey skies give it your best. Try to bring me down while I sit her to rest. I've prayed for you and I've prayed for rain. Because in the storm is when I feel His affection.

Holding me close. Just at the right time. Knowing my need for Him I close my eyes. I let Him take me and mold me again. Into something more beautiful than I formally was.

Bursting with passion. Spilling with love. The grey skies have brought me what I knew there was. Comfort and love. Compassion and hope. What more could I ask for what more could be spoke?

*I have a painting I was working on, but computer problems have me stuck with no way of posting a picture today. So you just get me*


Monday, July 22, 2013

Let's Do It: Glitter Glow

Let's do it! I am starting every Monday a small tutorial that you can use with your daughters. This will be something that will help you spend more time with them and also make it fun! They will be hands on and fun! How about today we get glittery and glow!

What do you do when your mom drinks TONS of Snapple tea? We make something out of them! So this is what we had:

5 Empty Snapple Jars
Assorted Colors of Glitter
Outdoor Glow Sand Shaker (You can also use other glow products,but this one seemed the safest with young children)

The girls were so excited about this project. For best results I recommend doing this project as close to dusk as possible. I let the girls be hands on and let them do most of the pouring. This caused glitter and sand to be all over the place, but remember it's about letting them have fun and be a little carefree.

First let them pick out their glitter and pour them in. Then they pick out their color of sand. I thought it would be best if their sand matched their glitter, but in the end it didn't really make a difference. When it came time to pour in the activator I did this myself. I wasn't sure how safe it was the let little ones handle it, and knowing if they dropped in on the ground someones jar wouldn't glow.

So in the end they glowed for a night, and were so much fun! To let the sand be as effective as possible and glow brightly I suggest you make sure your containers are dry. We had one that was just so so and we think it's because of it being just a little wet.

Let them have fun. Let them be kids. Let your stress fly away as you spend time together.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I am a Masterpiece

I was cleaning up the house. It's really been needing a good cleaning. It's not that my house is always spic and span, but our lack of being home means the house got a bit neglected. While unpacking from camp. Washing sleeping bags. Getting ready for the next adventure...I chose to deep clean a small section of the house. I was so glad that I did because I found this treasure...

Inside was this...

I love it when I find little hidden away treasures. Things like this make my heart smile every time I find them. It gives me that extra little peek into the heart of my girls. It lets me see their passions and desires. I asked my daughter about her unfinished masterpiece.

"Are you going to finish your masterpiece?"
"It may never be finished. It may take me a lifetime."

What a deep thought. My kids often throw out these little deep sayings and yet every time it still surprises me. The things I have learned about life and God from my children are endless. They are a constant reminder that even the littlest hold wisdom beyond their years.

I thought about the fact that I am one of God's masterpieces. Only finished in a lifetime. Constantly being worked on. Fixed. Edited. Finishing touches put on right before I meet my maker. An unfinished masterpiece giving the Artist joy, frustration and exhaustion. At moments He has to step back and let the masterpiece be what it is at that moment. It's resisting any changes made to it. Everything start to looks like it's going all wrong. Yet just at the right moment the Artist comes in and helps make it look just right. Perfect in the eyes of the Artist. His heart is seen in the masterpiece. He gives just a little bit of Himself into each one. Masterpieces all finished at just the right time. Always seen beautiful in the eyes of the Artist.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Outlets Needed

My words haven't been coming easy. Summer has been slipping away, and my absence on my blog maybe hasn't been noticed all that much, but I have felt it. Summer has kept me busy. Activities to go to. Places and people to see. Connections to make and lives to change. I think mostly my life. Spending a week at camp with over a 100 kids will do that to you.

God did something I didn't think was possible. My heart was cracked open just a little bit wider to let a larger love for these little ones pour in even more. It's like a small amount of his passion for these little ones has been placed in my heart. I feel as if anymore would be dropped in my heart might burst. It's starting to rip at the seams.

I read things that these little ones had written down that they needed prayer for. My heart broke. None of them should have to deal with such big things. But what was so touching about it was seeing other children come alongside of those hurting. Laying hands on them. Praying for God to intervene. Powerful view of faith. It's no wonder we are told to have a childlike faith!

My passion to see the arts used in their lives has become stronger. It's easy to see that the arts are becoming a thing of the past in the schools. Many churches do not encourage the use of arts. And if you want your little one in dance...expect to take out a loan. It seems that it's going to cost you if you want your child to learn any form of art. So if you can't afford it or don't want to falls in your lap to teach it.

It's easier for someone like me who loves that arts. Who fills her life with some type of art form everyday. Who is passionate about children using the arts as and outlet, but also use them to glorify God. Now it's about helping parents who don't know what to do. Helping children whose parents aren't as active in their lives. I wonder if coming alongside the church to help them encourage the arts would be a good idea? Now it's finding out a good way to do that. We need to help them have healthy outlets to help them process things and help prevent other traumatic events.