Thursday, October 24, 2013

WTLB: Strong

My excuses are weak. I don't really have reasons I can share on why I have been absent. But my time of reflection and thought has brought me to the conclusion that words are powerful. Words are with us on a daily basis. Spoken. Thought. Sung. In our dreams.

They are there. They are strung in our face dangling as if to taunt us with something we aren't or something that others think we are. I'm sick of living off of others words. Sick of feeling as if your words define me. I've said it before...they don't define me. Your words are not for me. So why do they bother me.

I'm human. Maybe you forgot. Deep inside your words can cut into a little girl. Someone still so tender. Innocent. Trusting. we care to stop and see? Does it matter to us who our words trench?

So who's words do I live by? Do I live by yours? The ones that cut. Bruise. Scar. I live by His, because He's the one who cares. The one who bears those scars. The one who takes my pain and makes it shine. The one who in my weakness makes strength.

Strong. Strength is given to me when I have none. For that I am thankful. It comes in the strangest forms. Words from family. Thank you notes addressed by little hands. A passage from a book long forgotten.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Let's do it: Painting Pumpkins

I love painting pumpkins! It's fun and creative and can be less messy than craving pumpkins. However by daughters LOVE carving pumpkins. Every year for the last 4 or so years we have painted pumpkins with our daughters. It wasn't until I started planning the painting pumpkin session that they expressed their dislike for painting pumpkins. So we are compromising. They helped me create beautifully painted pumpkins and we will help them carve pumpkins. So here is what you need...

  • Pie sized pumpkins
  • Black & White acrylic paint
  • Black & White Painters markers
  • Spray Mod Podge 

Before starting this project I didn't even know that you could get spray Mod Podge and I was looking around the store wondering how I was going to keep my pumpkins from being destroyed by the weather. I didn't want to have to bring my pumpkins in every time it looked like it was going to rain. So just try to imagine my excitement when I found this amazing product! One of my favorite things put into a spray can! 

Start by putting you base coat on. The black really only needed one, but the white one that you can see my daughter doing took two coats. This is the part that is easiest for the kids to do.

Make your plan for your pumpkins...or just change your mind three or four times! I had my first two pumpkins that turned out just like I wanted them too. The larger dots on the black pumpkin were harder to do. The white paint marker was a little tricky and would scrap off some of the black paint. I only let the pumpkin dry for a few hours. I was just excited about doing it and I don't like to wait. But in all honesty let the kids paint the pumpkins one day and finish the project the next. 

My last pumpkin was quite the process. I started out writing words on it, but could only think of a few words that fit the season that I really wanted to use. So then I painted over my three words and waited. Then I started the rectangle extravaganza, but my eyes couldn't handle it. So again I painted over it again. This time I waited till the next day. My husband the amazing man of mine came up with the ideas of lines. It was perfect and easy to finish! 

 I also felt like it fit perfectly with the other two pumpkins. Just what I needed. To make the pumpkins all weather fitting spray a layer or two of the Mod Podge over the paint. My pumpkins have been out in the rain already, and they are still sitting pretty! Let me know how yours goes and what they end up looking like. This is also a great idea for you to apply the base coat and then allow the kids to use it as a blank canvas. That's what I would have done if the girls weren't so excited about craving pumpkins this year!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

When Plans Change

I think of life as if I am in a lifeboat. I've been rescued from a sinking ship, yet I am at the mercy of the ocean. Turning and moving at the bend of the waves. Being on a large boat gives you some sense of security. You may not know the course, but the captain does.

I wonder at times if I should have just gone down with the ship. Would it have been easier? Would I have made it to the right destination? Was the large ship actually going where I was meant to go? It's obvious that the ship was not directed in the right direction. The captain was not paying close enough attention to the surroundings of the ship...otherwise the ship would still be sinking.

So here I am. In a lifeboat putting all my faith in the ocean to get me where I need to go. The ocean is really the only one  who knows where it's going. The only one who actually sees the whole picture. Because if you think about it the ocean has you in it's grasp along with the shore you need to get to.

There are times when big waves come at my lifeboat and I just hang on for dear life. Those moments when you think you will be capsized and you just cling to what you can feel. Just praying that the waves that want to consume you will pass quickly. They don't always. Sometimes they linger and sometimes the waves just keep crashing into you. In these moments there are times when I just want to scream. Yell at the ocean because it feels like it's just leading me in a never ending circle of wave after wave...

And then the waves cease. Those are the moments that I savor. I take my deep breath in and sigh a little sigh of relief. I law down in the bottom of my lifeboat and I bask in the warmth of the sunlight that has come from behind the clouds. I breath in the fresh air...and I am reminded that He knows. He knows my heartaches. He knows my final destination. He does not flinch when my plans change and my ship sinks. He is not bothered by waves that crash. He holds me close and reminds me to lay it all with Him.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Words to Live by: Worthy

I struggled. For what seemed like months, but really it was just weeks. It took all my effort to keep my mind on track. Things that had been stewing for sometime came crashing down on me. I was stuck in a whirlwind of emotions, but in the end gave it all to God and he freed my heart. I feel a peace, yet my heart still grieves the situation. Keeping my mind focused on God knowing He knows the plan. He's got the bigger picture. He is bigger than my situation.

After the last few weeks I began to wonder what I was teaching my girls about their worthiness. I was feeling like I was in a pile of mud...was I showing them that this is what life is? Was I showing them that man's opinion of us is more important than God's? What was it that God really thought of me? Was I unworthy of His grace? Was I unworthy of His forgiveness? My feelings of not being worthy made his sacrifice look like nothing.

Worthy. I am worthy! You are worthy! I need to show my girls that we need to take man's opinion of us with very little weight. Not that we should ignore people altogether, but we shouldn't use their words to judge ourselves. We need to do the same with our own thoughts of ourselves. Because in the end there is one person who knows us. One person who knows the true us and knows our potential. God. His opinion is what matters. And He says....I am worthy.

Worthy of Love. Grace. Affection.
Worthy of Time. Attention. Effort.
Worthy of Respect. Forgiveness.

So this week I am working on showing myself that I am worthy and in turn teaching my daughters that they are also worthy. How I treat myself is where they are going to learn. How are you teaching worthiness to your kids?