Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Raging Battle

I am participating in an online Bible study. Something I have never done before, but I am so thankful that Proverbs31 Ministries is currently doing the Made to Crave study. When my friend first suggested it I wasn't really interested. I don't struggle with food the same way other people do and so I thought the study would not resonate with me...I was wrong.

Perhaps because I don't struggle with food in the same way the study has really hit home. It's not just about craving food, even though we all do at times. It's about craving anything more than we crave God. So many times I see my cravings as a bad thing, yet the craving feeling is not what is wrong, but perhaps what I am craving. Or the fact that I am craving it more than I crave that time with God.

I have to be honest. I crave hunger pains. I crave the feeling of an empty stomach. When I crave that my heart is filled with guilt. I know that these feelings and my actions are harmful to my body and my life in so many ways. And how do I counteract those guilty feelings? Fast food. It's almost like I think it will counteract my dark thoughts of wanting my stomach to growl.

Why do I crave these things more than God? Perhaps the answer to the questions is actually less important than what I do about it. How do I change these cravings into cravings for God. It's not easy to change your thoughts to something else when you have been actively looking to one thing for so long. I think perhaps it's that hard work and sometimes frustration at the times it doesn't go well that keep so many from changing those cravings over to God.

One thing the author said really hit home for me...
"Each time I crave something I knew wasn't part of my plan, I used that craving as a prompt to pray. I craved a lot. So, I found myself praying a lot."

What an amazing thought. Some days might be a constant battle of putting down those cravings that aren't good and picking up a prayerful attitude. There maybe days that feel like they are never going to end, but it's building that habit of trading in our bad thoughts for time with God that will be beneficial to us in the long run.

One important thing to keep in mind. Don't walk (or hike) this path alone. Keep your friends surrounding you. A good support system is key to success in any journey. Not all of your friends will understand what you are doing, but that's ok. Find those friends who do get it and share your successes and failures with them. We are all in this walk of life together.



  1. Thanks so much for doing this study with me. I loved that part as well when she talks about replacing her unhealthy cravings with a prayer! BTW your blog looks super cute!

    1. I am so glad you asked me to do it! I am just loving the book and all the challenges through the study!

  2. First of all I LOVE your blog... I want to be like you when I grow up :) Second of all I am hoping if I get nothing else out of this study I can at least learn how to replace my unhealthy cravings with prayer... So excited to see where this study takes all of us...

    1. Haha...thanks! If you ever have questions about blogging let me know! It's been a long journey for me of trial and errors! I am really loving this Bible study!

  3. I love your blog setup!! I loved too about changing our cravings to prayer! Thanks so much for your lovely encouragement today and for leaving your blog address. I am so blessed for having stopped by! It is so lovely to have such a wonderful group of women to do this study and journey with!!

  4. Hi Sadie,
    First of all your blog is amazing and beautiful. I love it girl. Wow. I can't even tell you how much I resonate with your post. I don't struggle with food either but I do struggle with control and fear. This book is so applicable to anyone. You have really challenged me today! By the way, you are one heck of a writer. Thanks for sharing.
    Kristy Aiken
    Proverbs 31 OBS Team Leader

  5. Beautiful blog. I needed that reminder to pray about my cravings today.