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Book Review: Women Living Well

Book Review:
Women Living Well
Finding Your Joy in God, Your Man, Your Kids and Your Home
Courtney Joseph

At first when I was sent this book from Booksneeze I wondered to myself why I had chosen this book to review. To be honest it took me so long to actually open the book and read it that they had suspended my account and I had to get reinstated. The whole idea of finding solitude and finding time to spend with God has been a constant struggle in my life. I am not like the writer of this book. It wasn't just after I had children that I found it hard. It's been a constant struggle in my life. 

When people talk about getting up early and having quiet times I cringe. I honestly hate the idea of waking up early. So when she started talking about solitude I knew right where she was going. I struggled with the idea that she was going to talk about getting up early, but funny thing is, God was already working on me. This last week my life has been so crazy. Sleep has been my enemy and one night I just couldn't sleep. 1 o'clock came around and I was just laying in bed staring at the clock. I might have dozed off for a little while, but 3 o'clock...same thing. 6 AM stared me in the face and I figured I might as well get up. My morning was started off right. Peaceful time with just my Lord and I. And then I read her quote about "beating up my family." Meaning I should wake up before anyone else and use my time to spend in solitude with God. That was my best day of the week!

There is honestly so much in this book that it's hard to really touch on it all. She gives wonderful advice on how to show love and respect to our husbands. Keeping their needs and wants in mind during our day to day routine. I strive to be a good wife and perhaps that's the problem...I strive! I try to do it all on my own. Her quote in the book really hit home

"In the world of reality television and reality blogging, we can miss the reality of God's truth. The reality is we are sinners who married sinners, and that reality makes marriage hard. In the world of images, the image of biblical marriages has been severely distorted. Together, let's make Scripture a springboard for our actions and reactions in marriage."

And that's what this book does. It takes these areas of our lives. Our relationships with God, our husband and children and it helps us intertwine the Word of God into those relationships. Some of my favorite parts were the challenges she had in her book. The marriage challenge (which I am currently still doing) and gentleness challenge. It was a wonderful book with so much wonderful ideas and encouragement. 

Today at church I was really challenged with the idea of solitude. In Sunday school they were talking about God's command to fellowship. That we should spend time with people. I heard people talking about how they struggled with that. That they would rather move to the woods and live in a cabin with no people around. I don't struggle with that. I think perhaps I struggle more with the other side of it. I think about those times when Christ lived in solitude. When he went away to spend time just by himself and his father. That's so much harder for me. The idea of being alone is scary. It leaves me too much to my own thoughts and fears. But what a wonderful time to spend with God. Giving him thought thoughts. Giving him those fears. Enjoying those times of solitude that I can hide away with. 

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