Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting With a Bang

I started my year out in a way I never thought I would. I nice car accident. Thankfully I am fine, and no one else was with me. Next time I will listen to my husband when he tells me to wait and not go right away. I can't really tell you all that happened, because it still feels unreal to me, but I hit a car that bounced into a pickup and this is what my front end looks like...

Not really the way I wanted to start the year, but it is what it is and as my husband said "This is why we have insurance." Thankful for that. But I was almost brought to tears as I waited for the police, because this lady in the pickup was so upset about the two dents on her truck. She did have a nice truck, but I just remember sitting there looking at my lack of front end wondering how she didn't notice the huge amount of damage there was to my van. She did have a nice truck, and it now did have some dents in it, but it would be relatively easy to fix.

I just had a conversation with my husband about his sermon he was going to give early in the day. We talked about how we often ignore the pain that people are in, because we feel like they deserve it. They made their own mess they can live with it. It's a sad phrase I hear too often in this world. I wonder though what would happen if God would have had the same thought towards us. "Sorry Sarah! You made your you have to live with it." How thankful I am that this is not his attitude towards me. I am thankful that even before I knew the mess I had made, He prepared away for me of forgiveness and mercy and love.

Two big things have really made an impact in my life this past year and they both just recently happened. First the lady who stole my groceries out of my car and this car accident. Both have taught me about love and mercy. Both have taught me about the harshness of this world and were we put our values.

So many times I have heard people say they hope that the lady who stole groceries out of my car spends a lot of time in jail. My hope is the very opposite. I don't know if that will help her much, because it's not the first time she's been in trouble. When people get themselves into a cycle of bad behavior punishment is not always the answer. Perhaps what she needs is a little bit of grace. Maybe what she needs is to know that people care about her pain. In this year I want to show grace to those who wrong me.

I remember being really upset about how this lady couldn't see my car that was going to be limping home. It gave me a lesson of what I should value in life. My car was a material possession. Even though you probably could find me in what seemed like a conversation with my car, it didn't provide me with any kind of feedback. It didn't love me back. It wouldn't give me counsel.It showed me no kind of friendship. At the end of the day my life and the lives of others are worth far more. As a friends told car is replaceable I am not.

What last me for eternity is how I react to situations and people. What matters at the end of my life is not what car I had or what things I have accumulated. What matters is the grace poured out on my life and how I in turn poured it out to others.



  1. Well written:-) We can all use a little more grace and mercy! Sorry about your accident!

  2. Thank you for this story about giving grace. In my case having a car totaled was, I believe, in God's larger plan.

    My car was parked in a large parking lot while I was carpooling elsewhere for dinner with friends. I received a call from the police that my car was involved in an accident. Came to learn that a young man blacked out with a migraine and T-boned my car into a curb, and that he later claimed injuries. The car was declared totaled by my insurance co., and my husband and I were paid for its value.

    We needed the money and could get along OK without the car. And I was able to write a letter showing concern to the driver, hinting at my faith by stating that "we are not to put our trust in things here on earth, which rust and are destroyed". I hope that made a positive impression on him towards God.

    We just don't know the larger picture. You probably wish you could have contacted the person who stole your groceries, to show her grace.