Thursday, February 6, 2014

Peace Within my Soul

"Rayvena, you are so beautiful! Did you know that?"

My 4 year old is so confident. Her reply to me this morning rocked my world. It rocked my soul awake.

"Yes! I looked in the mirror this morning!"

Why can't I say that? It's the truth for any of us. If I look in the mirror I will see the beautiful woman that God has made just right. My nose isn't too big. It's just perfect. One eye may be slightly smaller than the other, but it adds to my unique qualities.

The days that I pick myself apart are days that my peace has left. My soul fills up with anxiety, worry and the heartache begins. Why can't I be perfect? Why can't I achieve all the things I want?  My thoughts begin to spiral out of control...those days my peace has left nothing goes right. And you snap when your daughters eat the apples you bought just for you.

I learned an important lesson from Nehemiah this week. I struggled through the "after them" and "beside them" verses and felt like I didn't get anything. Perhaps it was just my bad attitude at the time. But...

I can't have the full peace of God unless I am willing to admit my need for Him. I can't have the full peace of God unless I admit I need others. 

Nehemiah couldn't build the wall himself. He relied on God, and every step of the way prayer was his first thought. Asking God for help in every situation. He also realized that he needed the help of those around him. He gathered up all those he could and they worked together. My journey in life. My not walked alone. I have loads of people wanting to help. I have God just waiting for me to call out.

So...I do. I ask for peace. I ask for that calming in my soul. I reach out for support when I struggle and I long for those moments when God says...

"Sadie, you are beautiful! Did you know that?"

"Yes God! I looked in the mirror this morning!"


  1. Good words for all of us to remember....

  2. I wish we could see ourselves in the eyes of not only God, but of our children as well. If you would have asked, I bet Rayvenna would have told you how beautiful you really are. Our daughters think we are beautiful! I always have to remember that when I catch myself being critical of myself....what I view as too many extra pounds around the middle my daughter views as an extra soft lap to cuddle !

  3. Hi Sadie, encouraging post today! I love how you tied your daughters reply into the topic. Children are so much better at seeing with the eyes of God aren't they? This point you made on peace also stuck with me: "I can't have the full peace of God unless I am willing to admit my need for Him. I can't have the full peace of God unless I admit I need others." Great truth! Thanks for linking up today :)
    Katrina Wylie (OBS small group leader)