Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Truth of the Missing Shoe

I have a problem with extremes. I am either all in or all out. Completely motivated one day...the next day laziness and apathy become my best friends. Motivation is squeezed from my veins until there is none left for me to muster up. This is the truth I listen to when I live my life. I refuse to do things because of my fear that I will take it to the extreme. So I continue to live in another extreme of just not doing anything.

How do I pull myself into action and stay within a happy medium. No extremes. Just living. Doing things that I love like running and staying out of both sides of the extreme. So last week I did just this. I told myself the truth that has always been there...I can do all things and keep it safe if I keep my focus on Christ and what he has for me.

I used the excuse for so long that I only has one tennis shoe. So naturally I can't go running. I can fit in a workout because I don't have the shoe that I need. I have looked for it, but I have to be honest. It wasn't a hard long searching. I searched for it like my children look for their things. I didn't look under anything and I didn't move anything. Because then...I would probably find it and I would no longer have an excuse to not do it.

My fear of the extreme is what kept me from really looking for that shoe. I have continued to let that fear keep me from staying healthy. If I continue to live in the extremes I will never be healthy. I will either be eating junk, not exercising and putting more stress on my body. Or I will restrict food, over exercise and beat my body into submission. Both extremes are not healthy. Both extremes will not help with healthy living.

Both extremes are poor examples to pass onto my daughters.  

So here is where my truth is. I bought a new pair of shoes and I am living in the middle. Loving it. Enjoying something that has been a passion of mine. Passing on something to my daughters that I can be proud of. Healthy living. Taking care of this body and living a life that will honor God. Truth...being set free.


  1. Sadie--thank you so much for sharing. I can certainly relate-it's so easy to make an excuse but so much more beneficial to do the right thing. Think of the great example you are to your daughters and you will be blessed with great health and be able to watch them grow up!
    Nancy Silvers (FB Small Group Leader/Prayer Warrior Team)

  2. Great blog! You are being such an inspiration for your daughters.
    Blessings, Amber (M2C Group 50)