Sunday, March 16, 2014

Can We Pretend?

We often get accused of not allowing our girls to enjoy the simple things of childhood. This assumption lies with the fact that when we are asked "Is Santa real?" we give an honest answer! We aren't trying to ruin any fun and we aren't going around spoiling anything for other children. We just couldn't see ourselves holding back when we are asked.

Just last night our 4 year old asked if the tooth fairy was real. When we are asked one of these questions we have to approach it with love and tenderness. I never know how they are going to respond. The last time I gave an answer it was followed with tears and a "Why didn't you tell me?" It was as simple as she had never asked, but she was still so upset that I had never told her. So this time I turned it back to her...

"What do you think?"
"No...but who's the tooth fairy?"
"Who do you think?"

When given this question she giggled. She knew the answer and to her it was funny that mommy was playing tooth fairy. I could see her mind just turning. Trying to figure out what I do when I am pretending. Maybe she was thinking I had the ability to do a Magic School Bus move and shrink myself. I love to watch my girls think...because I love to imagine what is going on in their heads. But I love when they finally let out their thoughts...

"Do you wear a tutu?"

The grin on her face was enough to make the rest of the world smile! The thought of her mom in a tutu really made her day. Now for the record...I do not wear a tutu and when I told her this she let me know that I need to get one!

Many think that our "brutal" honestly causes our children to have a lack of imagination. That we don't allow them to be children and play pretend. Trust me. My kids do not have a lack of imagination and pretend is a game that is well known in our house. The same night we had this tooth fairy conversation our girls went quickly to work on "Fairy Homes". I was told...

"Even the smallest of creatures need a place to call home."

I find it important to allow my children to use their imagination. Letting them use their minds to travel to lands unheard of and build homes for creatures no one has seen...this allows them to see the world in a different way. It helps me to know that so many things are possible. There was once a time when telephones were only the imagination of a child.

Tonight snacks were put out for the fairies and their pets. And yes I will play along with this pretend play. I will go along and take out the snacks. Letting my children know that their imaginations are important to me. Helping my girls dream big!


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