Thursday, March 13, 2014

Make it: Painted Pepper Flowers

Today I was so excited when the girls got home from school. I felt like I was floating a bit. Perhaps it was my few minutes of fame on the radio this morning...Or maybe my wonderful talk with a friend? Our giddy excitement over her new jewelry she's making? Not sure. But I was ready to go! So I grabbed our wonderful green peppers out of the fridge. I had asked the girls to clean off the table and get it ready for painting time and when they saw the green peppers in my hands confusion was all over their faces!

I let the two oldest help me cut off the tops. They are getting old enough to use the dullest of our sharpest knives and I love teaching them to use them. They also enjoy the feeling of growing up when they get to use them. The wonderful news is that green peppers are soft enough that even younger kids can cut the tops off with butter knives. So if you still want your kids to help out...just have the use the safer knives. I had seen this craft done on another blog, but they had made clovers out of the pepper shape. Cute idea...but I wanted something a bit more colorful. Just a little bit more spring involved.

So my vision was really simple. Flowers! Lots of wonderful colorful flowers on pretty paper. Perhaps it all started going "wrong" when I told them we would only be doing two colors. I thought two peppers = two colors. I didn't want to bother with color contamination, and if any of you know my two year old you would understand that not having to deal with this stress is a good idea. They choose purple and yellow. Anyone see where this is going?

They were having a fabulous time. Pushing the pepper tops in the paint and pressing what I believed to be beautiful flowers onto the paper. So when I gave them the paint brushes to put stems and leaves on this is what actually happened...

This masterpiece is called "Mixed up Minions"! Oh yes. We had papers full of minions! In the end I loved it. It didn't turn out to be what I thought it would. We didn't end up with beautiful flowers to hang on our art wall, but in the end it was theirs. Their vision and their creation. They thought of an idea. Fell in love with it. And created it for others to enjoy. They also made me a little "Minion Friend"!


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