Sunday, May 4, 2014

Smiles...Pass Them on!

Smiles have made the difference for me today. The difference between the cranky mom who was here yesterday and the delightful mom who showed up today. My husband is gone and that causes the whole family to feel like it's falling apart. The kids are a mess and miss their dad, and I don't have my husband to help keep me focused.

At church today it was the smiles from friends. They really lifted my spirits and those smiles that came from them went to my kids. They love getting smiles. They love making people smile. A smile simply put on your face can turn the whole day around.

I debated with if the girls and I should go home and eat or go out. I was swishing around the pros and cons in my head and I lifted my hands and said "Forget it....we are going out!" After a bit of debate, sadness that our first choice wasn't open we ended up at Pizza Hut.

My kids were wonderful. Politely asked to get out for more food. Asked nicely for the cheese to be passed. There was hardly a complaint to be heard. I would say that our table was full of smiles and laughs. I often feel uncomfortable eating out with just me and the girls. We tend to get looks and have people asking questions. Anyone with a large family would understand...but with each glance that came my way I simply gave a smile.

I guess my smile did something. Perhaps it did some good. An older couple sitting a table near us came over. They asked some of the normal questions like "Are they all yours?" and then they said something I don't hear all the time.

"Your smile shows you love being a mom. You are doing a great job. You put smiles on our faces"

I wonder how often people thing the opposite of me. I'm that mom yelling at her kids in Walmart because they can't keep their hands off stuff. I am that mom giving my kid a dirty look because they aren't behaving right. How often am I that mom who looks overwhelmed and like she doesn't enjoy motherhood?

If today taught me anything it's that a simple smile can turn the whole day around into something fantastic. Stopping to give a smile can help me enjoy what I have in this moment, and it can help others enjoy their moments just a little bit more.

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