Friday, May 16, 2014

Would You Talk?

I have always believed that we have taught our girls to communicate well with us. It's something I am completely passionate about and am always looking for wonderful and creative ways to incorporate communication in our lives with the girls. But even though you really stress a topic there can still come a day when you wonder if you have really done the job well. Are your children really understanding? Do they really know that they can come to you to talk about anything?

That day came for me about a month ago when we got a call from CPS. Knowing wants a call from them? When I heard the message so many thoughts and worries started to race through my head. One of our girls had been named in another case. They thought that she may have been sexually abused or there when something had happened. It all seemed crazy! Why wouldn't she talk to me? I didn't know the name of the other little girl so my mind was just racing.

The drive to the CPS office that took literally a minute seemed like it took hours. Each little section of road got my mind going. What happened? Did something really go on with her? Did she really feel like she couldn't tell me? It's an interview that you never want your kid to go through. Having to talk about good touches, bad touches and private touches...who wants their little girl to have to talk about that?

My heart jumped with joy because it ended up that it wasn't our little girl that was there. It was another little girl, but they needed to find her. My heart was so mixed up with joy and sorrow. I guess perhaps somewhere along the line my girls have gotten it because as we walked out of the office my sweet little girl leaned over to me and said...

"You know mom...if anything happened I would have told you!"

That moment made me realize how important teaching open communication to my children is. How do you teach communication to your children? Would your children feel comfortable talking to you about anything? I want to approach this subject with my children and I feel like you must have a good mixture of love and grace.

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  1. Wow....that is all I can say. :( HUGS!