Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Thankless Job...

I sit tonight completely frazzled from my week. Summer is in full swing now and my brain is working overtime to remember everything that needs to happen. Softball, T-ball and tennis are just a few of them. Next week starts camps and library programs. Things that I don't want my children to miss out on. Adventures to find around every corner. Fun to be had...but I found myself frustrated.

I felt like I was completing tasks for everyone including myself, but there was never a thank you. Supper made it worse. You moms know how it is. You are still working on getting all the finishing touches, serving the kids, cutting meat...and they have all practically finished by the time you sit down to get your plate ready. It didn't help that my growing horde is eating more and more, so I didn't make enough food for everyone. I went to warm up the leftover pasta from last night and I caught myself about to say something...

"A thank you would be nice!"

I held it in. I thought for a second, Am I doing all of this for a thank you? I have been blessed with 5 beautiful girls. A loving husband who puts up with all my creative mess and disorganization. A family who has shown so much love to me...and I am about to get snippy just for a thank you?

And the thank yous don't come because my family is ungrateful, it's because they show their thanks in different ways. Words don't always fit. They don't always seem like they are enough. And day after day while you feel like you are slaving away...picking up countless toys, sweating in the hot kitchen folding another basket of laundry. Your children thank you by making you repeat everything. They dirty the dishes again, drop their toys everywhere and continue to dig around in the dirt.

Crazy! It's the way they let you know you are needed. Your thankless job is really not that at all. You are thanked by numerous hugs and beautiful works of art. You are thanked by tiny hands that hand you bouquets of dandelions and other unknown plants (some that may have come from your garden.). It's those moments your child figures something out that you have been trying to teach them for what seems like eons. These are the thank yous that are given. The words even though they are nice to hear at times, are not always needed. I would take dandelions over the words "thank you" any day.